Partner With Us
Social Responsibility Enrollment
We will enroll your business in the Fair Trade Certified™ database of locations offering Fair Trade Certified™ products.

We will help you enroll in the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ marketplace of locations offering Rainforest Alliance Certified™ products.

Complementary Services
- Staff training sessions
- Public education
- Meet the Roast master sessions

Combined Purchasing
Combined your retail and wholesale volumes to achieve lower prices faster.


True Beans Coffee Roasters™ offers 8 coffees for Retail sale. Available in our hand packed 12oz stand-up pouches. Also, we occasionally offer “Limited Edition” coffees in our side gusseted 12oz pouches.

In-Store Options
True Beans retail 12oz bags
- In-store bean dispenser and grinder
- Grinder and dispenser provided by True Beans Coffee Roasters™

- Tiered volume pricing structure, as you sell more your profit margin increases
- Exclusive coffee provider discount.

Complementary In-Store Marketing
True Beans Coffee Roasters™ will provide Retailers with:
- Shelf talkers
- Point of sale displays
- In-store signage
- And more...


We offer our standard selection of 8 coffees, along with occasional “Limited Edition” coffees. All coffee is delivered fresh in 5 lb bags.

- Tiered Volume pricing structure, as you sell more, your profit margin increases.
- Exclusive coffee provider discount.

Complementary Marketing Tools
- Co-promotion floor stands
- Point of sale displays
- Co-promotion window signs
- True Bean Coffee Roasters™ premium cups (50/50 split of Cup Cost)


We offer a standard offering of 8 coffees.

- Whole bean
- 2.5oz portion packs (True Blend, French Roast & decaf only)

- All equipment included in coffee pricing
- Equipment free discounts available.